Stonehenge by the Sea

Stonehenge by sea

Rocks protrude, waves crash,
Mist embraces the shore.
What giant moved these rocks here,
To fight the tide and battle time?

This enchanted place calls to me,
Like Stonehenge by the Sea,
A crossroads between the past and future,
Nothing settled, always changing.

Even the sky changes in a heartbeat,
Water battling earth, air carrying their cries:
Elemental soundings, missing only fire.
Magic enfolds, perhaps the fire is in me.

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

48 thoughts on “Stonehenge by the Sea

  1. It is like Stonehenge by the sea! Very dark and moody in an artistic way, and your poem matches that mood, almost reads like the start of a novel, very good! 🙂

    There was a wooden henge actually called Seahenge near where I live. A lot of experts are convinced it has the same purpose that stone henge had, but others think that’s laughable and believe it is a set of stones designed to take the weight of another large stone or wooden area for grinding corn or wheat. It’s possible it is as it’s quite small, nothing like the size of Stonehenge It will probably always be a bit of a mystery! I think your picture here looks a more naturally authentic Seahenge! 🙂


  2. enchanting poem capturing the ever changing, mysterious shoreline . . . i’m intrigued by those hopefully friendly giants, playing around with all those large stones.


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