Prague’s Fairytale Rooftops~

Here is a new venue for the fairies. These photos make my heart sing. Cindy is very talented. Now I’m adding Prague to my bucket list. Have a fantastic week! Warmly, Brenda

Cindy Knoke

Prague, the magical fairyland……
The rooftops fascinate!
This is where the fairies come to dance, in this magical fairytale city.
All of Prague is like a fairyland and when you are here you are sure the fairies are too.
Who else were these rooftops built for?
We of course can enjoy them, but only the fairies can dance up there!
Feeling a bit nostalgic for Prague and I thought you might enjoy some images too!
Okay….. so this isn’t exactly a roof, it’s a ceiling, but I included it because in Prague the things under the roof are just as beautiful as the things on the roof!
Cheers to you from incomparable Prague~

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29 thoughts on “Prague’s Fairytale Rooftops~

  1. You must visit! The fairies will hold a celebration in your honor and I bet they’ll let you on the roof! Hint: the hotel rooms on the top floors look out over the rooftops!!! Cheers to you my friend and thank you too!


  2. I had an idea a while back (anyone can have it!) to do a coffee table sort of photographic/ narrative book called “Rooftops of the World”. It would include cultural commentary and rooftop pictures…
    Nice pics!
    Linda watts


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