Luxurious Lupins

If you like fairy tale tongue-twisters, this poem has them galore. Lavender Moon Girl is bubbling up with magical poems and beautiful pictures this spring. I hope you have time to visit her. Cheers, Brenda

Lavender Moon: Artist, Poet and Lover of Nature

Luxurious Lupins

Luxurious Lupins
Nougat turrets,
Pixie pinnacles.

Smell the healing fragrance of honey. Nourish your imagination.
This border in the town centre of Welwyn Garden City was filled with lupins and Cerulean iris, so beautiful.

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4 thoughts on “Luxurious Lupins

    • My neighbor across the street used to have them in all colors, but then she sold her house and the new neighbors don’t seem able to let them grow. They are big beautiful blooms, aren’t they? Hope you are well, I need to come visit soon. 🙂 One more week, and I hope my book is finished and shipped off. Cheers, Brenda


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