grandam’s rocking chair

I was remembering my Grandmother’s soft lilac-scented lap, her smooth dusting powder, cat’s rhinestone glasses, thick leather purse with candy bars, and heeled beige shoes a few days ago. This poem by Marlyn of Kintal reminded me again. I love the old-fashioned name Grandam or Grandame. Thanks for this treat, Marlyn. I hope you all like it! Warmly, Brenda


grandam's rocking chair

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6 thoughts on “grandam’s rocking chair

    • Bill, I liked it a lot, too. Marlyn is pretty terrific. I’m going to come by soon and find out your number. I hope it hasn’t slid below 2.5.

      I visited a neighbor of mine at my old house recently, and she came into the kitchen with her oxygen, and I heard her breath, and immediately I knew she had COPD. She confirmed it, and I realized I have picked up a lot from you.

      She said she can’t walk 10 feet anymore. Isn’t that sad? She still a lovely, lively and funny person on the inside.

      Hugs, Brenda


    • Me, too! My grandma was on my mind, and then I found a friend in the same place. I was thinking of writing a poem about my grandma, and I may yet. Hugs, Elephant! Brenda


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