Dancing Memento


My young daughter’s first ballet class,
Awash in swirly pink,
Young girls,
Hair tidied in a looking glass,
Stopping for a quick drink,
spins, twirls.

Fingers together in ballet,
with correct attitude,
Raising her arms in grand plié
A graceful interlude,
Warm glance.

My heart was sore to see her there
Leaving me to learn dance,
Wide grin
In place, twinkling eyes full of cheer,
And with a graceful stance,
leap, spin.

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

Inspired by the Paint the World with Words poetry prompt, which was to write a Memento, a style with 6-line stanzas, composed of patterned counts of 8/6/4/8/6/4 syllables and with a/b/c/a/b/c rhyming.

Berries Blue Etheree


As winter ends,
Providing forage
For creatures small and large,
Drawn by beautiful sapphire
Fruit of the evergreen bushes,
Jewels strung there by Mother Nature,
Loving provender for her hungry kin.

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: This poem is an Etheree, starting with one syllable
on the first line and increasing to 10, one syllable per line.
For another great example, check out Ginz&Tonic.