Dance Spring

Here is a wonderful, magical post from Morgan, who overflows with beautiful words, always. Hope your weekend if fabulous!! Warmly, Brenda


The Touch of Spring

Dance Spring upon the Darling Buds
That Nod in Quiet, Wintry Brooding,

Paint your Beauty upon each leaf,
Winter’s Touch At Last Precluding.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Cindy Grundsten

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Fairy Garden Joy

Fairy party

Happy Birthday to you!!

Fairies came from far and near
To celebrate a birthday dear.
Some pictures here do show
That love, joy and cheer did flow.
My daughter’s face did shine
When on fairy cake her friends did dine.
After dancing, the day was done,
All Fairy guests had lots of fun.
We hope your day is magic, too.
For if it isn’t fun for you, then who?
Now my fairy tale is all told,
Soon other magic may unfold.

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