Meditation on Golden Leaves


Sunshine writes on each leaf
In a language I cannot read.
Nature connects to me, is my belief,
Granting succor, solace: things I need.

Golden leaves have much to say,
Dappled by daylight, joyful, calm.
Cheer and peace are mine today;
Nature’s beauty provide the balm.

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

27 thoughts on “Meditation on Golden Leaves

  1. It’s a comforting thought – nature providing the balm!! 🙂 This one reminds me of an aunt of mine, she gets a lot of joy from nature and her all her lovely plants in her garden. You sound like a green fingered girl – do you spend a lot of time in your garden?


    • I do, yes, the kids and I grew huge cucumbers last year, they climbed the neighboring trees, off the obelisk I trained them onto, and the veggies dangled above my head. I believe I posted a picture of one at one point. They were as long as my forearm. We also had buckets of tomatoes. In September, I was was roasting them with garlic, running them through the blender, and topping pasta with the resulting sauce. It was heaven. I always feel so happy with life when I can be outside for long hours. Do you garden?


      • Wow, that sound wonderful, a garden of Eden image – no shortage of vegetables in your house then?!! 😀

        I saw a programme a few years ago about gardeners in America who were huge enthusiasts for growing tomato plants that are technically banned varieties. They explained that those tomatoes were extremely sweet, much more than a lot tomatoes are, especially the ones in the grocery stores. They explained about how you could grow them but not trade the plant or the fruit – crazy! But I can imagine by your description you gave here, you might have really liked that little group of tomato growers!

        No, I don’t do a lot of gardening at all. I like plants and pretty flowers and gardens, but I’m not a green fingered girl. I do a bit of weeding now and then, but most of the gardening is down to my landlord. But having said that – he doesn’t do much either, I normally have to phone him and threaten to withhold the rent until it’s done! He just laughs (because he knows I’m joking) but it gets him to come round and tidy it all. I’ve known him along time – he’s almost like family!! 😀


        • Getting someone else to do the work is clever. My children help a lot. We like to visit local gardens, too. Just being outside is grand after being shut in all winter. 🙂


    • Robin, you are lovely to take time and leave wonderful comments. A balm to my aching soul after a collision with a nasty internet troll. Anonymity is a bad thing for people’s manners.


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