Faerie Migration

A wonderful voice in the fairy tale world, opening a door with a haiku. I love it, and hope you do, too! Warmly, Brenda

blackbirds above the marsh

quiet here now

Faerie migration
Very nearly complete –
‘Tis quiet here now.

J. Casey, Blackbirds Above The Marsh, ©2013.


I set out to write a poem about finding faeries while mushroom hunting in the spring, inspired by Brenda’s story – Red Mushroom Mansion. This was born instead, and maybe I can come up with others using the same idea. Maybe – yeah right. I know more will show up in this vein. Take a read of Brenda’s story – it’s a great read.

And please don’t mistake me for not knowing some faeries hang around during the winter. I’ve been around long enough to know…

Oh, and I’m also linking this to the Weekly Writing Challenge. This is my fifth and final contribution to it! I’m kind of surprised I finished them all so quickly.

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5 thoughts on “Faerie Migration

    • Elephant,

      Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to you!! I read this to my family, and they agree with me that you are wonderful!! I wish you all the same joys!!

      Warmly, Brenda


  1. Thank you very much, Brenda. You’re kindness and your readership are making me a busy man this morning! I am very grateful for the reblog, and grateful to those who have visited my blog and commented/hit the Like button. I am very happy to see so many folks who like a good fairy tale, and appreciate a bit of fantasy. There’s hope for this world after all! Take care and thanks again –


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