Recovery is Ribbiting


Update the day after surgery: I may be a bit green from the meds, but my kids are bringing me tea and tucking my blankets tighter. I’m managing to keep down simple foods. Thanks for all the good wishes, friends. Life is good. Hope you have a magical week!

A Poem Just For Me

Early Morning Decisions
The weather is just right
Birds sing and birds feed
As the steam of your tea
Tells you to read
For the creation of others
Inspires you to look…
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by AmandWrites
Notes: Written just for me, with a brief comment. Isn’t she a star? Stop by and check her out, and maybe she’ll write a poem just for you!

The Vegetable Fairy

Friendly Fairy Tales is happy to present a new Adventure Fairy Tale, the Vegetable Fairy. In honor of Labor Day, we are celebrating the hard work of gardeners and others who labor to grow the food we all enjoy. Happy Labor Day!!


The Vegetable Fairy

Squash Blossom was a Vegetable Fairy, but she sprinkled her fairy dust on the vegetables resentfully, looking longingly at the flower beds blooming with petunias, coreopsis and dusty miller. She longed for the color and brightness.

The flower she liked best was the rose bush, it had such amazing flowers. She knew the flower fairies made tea with the rose hips, the green nub left after a rose bloom had faded. Squash Blossom loved tea.

“The flower fairies have the best jobs,” she thought to herself. She thought spending all her time in the flower beds would be the best job ever!

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Copyright 2013 Brenda Davis Harsham

This story is dedicated to all the gardeners growing food everywhere.