Halloween is What?!

Image Courtesy of Unsplash

At first, Kelly can’t believe the news. But when dragons puff angry fire, she knows it’s true. Trick-or-Treating is canceled!

Something must be done.
Monsters need some fun.

Being a skeleton had its good points. No mosquito bites. No bedtimes. No tummy aches. But all year Kelly waits for Halloween. Her day to shine.

Kelly stamps her foot. Her kneecap falls, ringity-pingity. She sticks it back in place, snap-crack.

She raises her hand to make a fist, but two fingers fail to bend, tangled-mangled. She unsticks them, click-flick.

Something must be done.
Kelly needs some fun.

Kelly decides to ask for help. She speaks to bears who shrug. Wolves who howl. Witches who spell. Banshees who wail. Goblins who yell. Kelly stops and looks around her.

Kelly knows what must be done.
Together, they’ll still have fun.

Bears dance, and wolves prance. Witches mumble over boiling brew. Giants nibble Dead Sea treats while banshees give out chocolate sweets. Goblins wriggle, and dragons giggle.

A few of Kelly’s bones jiggle free, but who needs a stable knee?
Kelly will go with the flow.

Copyright 2020 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: This is the for the #FallWritingFrenzy contest. A little Halloween tale to share. No one is sure if we can trick-or-treat this crazy year, but regardless, we can still have fun. Sadly, I spent the evening watching Korra with my daughter and missed the deadline by a couple minutes. But time with my daughter is never to be regretted, and it was fun to write something new.

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