Rainbow Haiku

Magic wings lightly
Paint the earth a bright rainbow,
Vivid joy dancing.



















Copyright 2013 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: This post is dedicated to my friend, E, who walks with me most days, and is endlessly patient and encouraging of my taking pictures, and to my children who love to find things for me to photograph, too. And to my hubby, who stops the car when I just have to take a picture. Photography has become much more important to me that I could have imagined, and I owe that to the people I love, who bear with me. Hugs, Brenda

54 thoughts on “Rainbow Haiku

    • Absolutely. Sometimes, the poem comes to me and suggests the photograph, just while I’m walking. It’s a lovely way to live. And my walking friend is fabulous. I love her dearly. I don’t know what I would do without her. Thanks for visiting. I loved your “Infinite.” So tender and sweet. Poignant. I was glad to see in your comments that she is doing better. Warmly, Brenda

  1. Yes…those stair step mushrooms…that’s what I have growing on one of my trees!!!
    Lovely rainbow – purple heirloom tomatoes?

    hum, now that you mention it there was a sing-song quality. At least the plumber has been and gone. ;)

    Cheers, Jules

  2. Her’s to the endearing friends, hubbies and children who encourage us and to the wonderful world of expression that photography opens up in us. I love it too dear Brenda.

    • It was fun, and I was in such a good mood because the Audubon asked if they could read some of my prose at their board meeting. I assume they will be reading the dedication in Nature Inspires Haiku. They wrote me a very nice email. :-)

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  4. Your photography is very good Brenda, always enjoy your pictures on here! :) And it’s good that you have so much encouragement around you! Great to hear you have a wonderful man who doesn’t mind interrupting the journey for some photography – he must be very rare indeed!!! :D

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